Parking warden tickets funeral car while driver loads body into hearse

A parking ticket.
A parking ticket. Photo credit: Getty

A parking attendant from the UK has been slammed as "cowardly" after ticketing a funeral car at a hospital.

George Portsmouth, 30, caught the warden in the act at the North Cumbria University Hospital in Carlisle, the Daily Mail reports.

According to Mr Portsmouth, the parking attendant watched the funeral car enter hospital grounds with a hearse and park up before placing a yellow ticket on the windscreen.

After the deed was done, he allegedly ran away.

"He wasn't walking, he was running. He's seen them come in and waited until they were out of sight before he ticketed them," Mr Portsmouth told the Daily Mail.

"He must have known what they were doing. Some of these car parking wardens can be quite ruthless and careless. It was bad form."

It's believed the funeral driver was only at the hospital for a short time to help load a body into a hearse. Mr Portsmouth says when he returned to the car, he shook his head in disbelief at the ticket.

UKPC, the company that issued the ticket, declined to comment on the incident.

However a representative for the hospital told the Daily Mail the ticketing was unacceptable and the hospital had taken it up with the company.

"As soon as we were alerted to this situation we asked UKPC to investigate, and the parking charge was quickly rescinded as a result," a spokesperson said.