Pope-blessed 'Homeless Jesus' stops out-of-control truck from killing pedestrians

  • 31/05/2018
St Patrick's/Twitter
Worshippers gather to resurrect 'Homeless Jesus'. Photo credit: St Patrick's/Twitter

A statue of Jesus once blessed by Pope Francis has been credited with saving lives after it stopped an out-of-control junk removal truck.

The truck was driving through Hamilton, Ontario when its brakes failed, CTV News reports. After running a red light, the driver realised he had to get the truck off the road, so deliberately steered it onto the footpath.

It then hit a park bench with a statue on it - Jesus Christ depicted as a homeless man - and came to an immediate stop.

"If the truck continued in its path it would have headed into oncoming westbound vehicular traffic and pedestrians on King St," Hamilton police said in a statement.

The statue was designed by Timothy Schmalz, who was inspired to make it after having an experience with a homeless man in Toronto. It's hard to tell at a glance the statue is meant to be Jesus, his identity only given away by the nails in his bare feet.

'Homeless Jesus' was offered to churches in Toronto and New York, which rejected it.

After it was flown to the Vatican and blessed by none other than the Pope himself in 2013, St Patrick's Cathedral in Hamilton was happy to take it - and it's proved to be a lifesaver, and perhaps an example of the Lord working in mysterious ways.