Roseanne Barr, Stormy Daniels trade barbs on Twitter over work history

Roseanne Barr (left), and Stormy Daniels (right).
Roseanne Barr (left), and Stormy Daniels (right). Photo credit: Getty

Roseanne Barr and Stormy Daniels have sparred on Twitter over their work history, with Daniels giving Barr an epic burn.

It all began when Barr, a prominent supporter of US President Donald Trump, responded to a tweet made by actress Patricia Arquette defending Daniels from Twitter trolls.

"If she doesn't represent 'classy women' I guess that means the President represents classless men? Hmm. Interesting," she said, replying to a now deleted tweet.

"She's known for anal porn scenes," Barr replied.

Daniels, who has starred in more than 200 adult films, retweeted Barr and corrected her, saying she didn't do anal scenes.

"I don't even do anal movies, you ignorant twat," she said. "That's like saying you are known for your beautiful rendition of 'The Star Spangled Banner'."

Barr mangled the anthem in front of a stadium full of baseball fans in 1990.

Daniels is currently in a legal battle with Trump, after it emerged his lawyer had paid her to stop talking about her alleged former relationship with the President.

Daniels later elaborated on her film history, saying she had only done one anal scene, which was filmed with her husband.

"I have done over 200 movies over last 15 years. Only 1 scene with my husband was anal so get the facts straight," she said.

"But it doesn't really matter. She tried using my job as a reason to discredit me. (Consensual) sexual choices does NOT make someone less of a human. "

Barr's support for the President has featured in the first season of her revived sitcom Roseanne.

She's recently spoken out in favour of Kanye West, who recently revealed he supported Trump because they share "dragon energy.

West said former President Barack Obama had done nothing to help Chicago during eight years in office, and Fox News reports Barr spoke up to agree with him.

"Ppl do not want to hear the truth-that Chicago could be a better city for its citizens, but the establishment is corrupted," she wrote on Twitter.

The tweet has since been deleted.