Royal wedding to clash with FA Cup final

The streets of Windsor: royal, regal and quintessentially British. There's no avoiding the fact there's a royal wedding happening. 

Forty kilometres east though, it's a different story. There’s a different type of royalty – football royalty. 

The Union Jack replaced by Chelsea Football banners, Prince Harry replaced by midfielder William da Silva, and Meghan Markle replaced by defender Marcos Alonso.

Saturday's wedding clashes with the FA Cup final between the two glamour clubs: Chelsea taking on Manchester United. 

This is the other castle Windsor is up against: Wembley Stadium, the venue for the FA Cup Final. 

And while fans can easily choose one event over the other, it's not that simple for Prince William who usually presents the FA Cup at the match. 

Given he's the best man at the wedding, that's unlikely, although it's rumoured he may take a chopper to Wembley, then back again for the wedding after party. 

Other Londoners are planning to do both as well.

"I'll have FA on my computer, and wedding on TV,” one person told Newshub’s Europe Correspondent Lloyd Burr.

But Londoner Ben Tindle thinks the excitement surrounding the royal wedding is overrated. 

"I don't think it is significant in this day and age anymore,” he said. “Royal family - people born into richness."

One thing no one can deny is the wedding will be a television ratings winner around the world if you love the royals or not.

“Harry and Meghan Markle getting married just shows that anyone can be a princess,” said Londoner Samantha Howard. 

The bride-to-be who made her reputation as a television actress now set to star in the biggest dramatic TV production of them all.