Spanish ambulance drivers allegedly high on cocaine lose patient

Medical staff moving patient through hospital corridor

A British tourist who was injured in a fight in a Spanish holiday hotspot allegedly fell out of the back of an ambulance and was found hours later by police in a ditch. 

The ambulance drivers originally claimed the patient had become violent and ran off, but later tested positive for cocaine and cannabis, the Daily Mail reports. 

The tourist had earlier been caught up in a fight in Benidorm, a notorious holiday destination for Brits, and was en-route to a local hospital.

Staff became suspicious when he didn't arrive and questioned the drivers, who said he had run off in a violent outburst. 

Spanish police were called and became suspicious of the paramedics' behaviour. They ordered the pair to undergo drug tests, which the paramedics allegedly failed. 

The two paramedics were later arrested, local media reports.

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health of the Generalitat Valenciana has asked for clarification of what happened and ordered an enquiry.