Teen choked by angry stepfather reveals lasting psychological damage from attack

A 14-year-old boy choked by an angry stepfather has spoken out about the lasting effects of the attack.

Mark Bladen, 53, was filmed choking the teenage boy at a Brisbane skate park on March 3 after his stepdaughter called him in tears.

Bladen said he only intended to "give the boy a good old-fashioned talking to", but snapped when the teen smiled at him as he was about to leave.

In a letter from his lawyer the boy told 60 Minutes the incident and subsequent coverage in the media had been upsetting.

"I have been extremely distressed by this whole saga and cry at night from the repeat nightmares I have of this man's face strangling me," he wrote.

"I don't know what is wrong with society as this was a blatant and unprovoked attack which has left me mentally scarred."

The boy admitted he had called Bladen's stepdaughter names, but insisted he was only retaliating to comments she had made about his mother.

Bladen sent a letter apologising for his actions to the boy's parents two weeks after the altercation.

He faced the Brisbane Magistrate's Court on March 20 and the Magistrate recorded no conviction and fined him AU$1000 (NZ$1072) for the incident.