Truck driver dumps 12 tonnes of asbestos at Sydney playground

A Sydney playground has been closed indefinitely after a suspected asbestos dump late at night.

A truck driver was caught on CCTV dumping 12 tonnes of building waste right next to the playground in St Clair, Sydney.

The driver was filmed fleeing the scene not even two minutes later, with his tipper still raised and the headlights switched off.

Residents called police and fire crews immediately to contain the threat of asbestos spreading to the surrounding homes.

The driver, who was pulled over by police only minutes before he dumped the load, has been caught.

Police handed the details to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

"Dumpers think that they'll get away with this sort of crime," Giselle Howard from the EPA told 7 News.

"They won't. They will be caught. So the penalties are very severe - it's up to a quarter of a million dollars for individuals."

The playground will remain cordoned off while the independent contractor monitors the air quality to make sure any airborne asbestos is cleared.