'Unbelievably tone-deaf': Ivanka Trump blasted for photo with son

  • 29/05/2018

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, has been lampooned after posting a photo to Twitter of her cuddling her son Theodore.

While the image itself is endearing, many have taken the fashion designer to task for posting the photo while reports of mothers being separated from their children on the US-Mexico border make global headlines.

The Twittersphere has reacted with outrage to the image, with many voicing disapproval at what they deemed to be a poorly timed post amidst the #WhereAreTheChildren campaign, which is calling on authorities to find the reported 1475 missing migrant children.

"Ivanka I do appreciate the fact that you have decided to own what you are," one well-liked tweet began.

"No more pretending to be a decent person. I'm a Mom of two children and I want you to understand that we won't forget the atrocities you've enabled your father to commit. Justice will eventually prevail."

"How lucky that you get to do that with your children," another poster wrote. "Meanwhile, there are 1500 children that are missing their parents as a result of Daddy's orders. The fact that you and other so-called leaders have stood idly by and done nothing speaks volumes."

Hundreds of others joined the chorus of critics, though some defended President Trump's response to immigrants attempting to get into the US from Mexico.

Ms Trump has not responded online to her detractors.