US couple get death threats over gun-toting graduation

  • 26/05/2018
They've come under fire for their matching AR-10 weapons.
They've come under fire for their matching AR-10 weapons. Photo credit: Kaitlin Bennett / Twitter

A US couple who took rifles to a graduation are receiving death threats from angry gun control advocates.

Images taken for Kaitlin Bennett's Kent State University graduation show her with an AR-10 slung across her back. On her graduation cap were the words "come and take it".

Ms Bennett shared the image to social media, explaining she did so as a protest against gun control laws.

"Now that I graduated from @KentState, I can finally arm myself on campus," she said.

"I should have been able to do so as a student - especially since four unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus."

Another image shows her posing with her boyfriend, Justin, while he holds a matching weapon.

Kent State University bans students, staff and faculty from carrying "deadly weapons"; however, graduates and visitors are allowed to openly carry weapons on campus.

But her photos have attracted criticism from some who viewed it on Twitter.

"If person of color was walking around campus with a gun the whole damn police station would come and shoot them in a second #WhitePrivilege," one wrote.

And this has extended to death threat, Ms Bennett claims.

"The tolerant left is now sending death threats to my boyfriend. Congrats on continuing to prove to everyone why it's important to carry a firearm for protection," Ms Bennett tweeted.

She shared a message sent to her partner that read "hopefully you and your truckjaw girl will get gunned down before you have kids".

Ms Bennett spent her time as a student advocating for students to be able to carry concealed weapons on campus.

"I believe that if the government has it, we should have it. Machine guns - any weaponry," Ms Bennett told The Post.

"We should be able to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government."