Woman drives car into middle of UK marathon

Woman drives car into middle of UK marathon
Photo credit: YouTube / Rob Bricknell

A woman has been filmed driving her car into the path of marathon runners in the UK on Sunday. 

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the woman can be seen driving into the path of Britain's Ocean Half Marathon participants in Plymouth.

She appears impatient waiting at an intersection while the marathon runners block her path. 

The woman is seen pulling into the human traffic while a man tries to stop her by standing in front of the vehicle and pressing on the car's bonnet. 

He opens her passenger-side door, but she continues to drive before she's pulled over. 

The woman can be heard defending her actions in the video, saying "I'm going very slowly. I can't get out."

"You're breaking the law," a man responds. 

The woman, who claims to be a resident, says she's "tried to get out, every which-way". A woman explains to her she has to wait until the event has finished.

"I have a workshop in Okehampton," the woman replies, telling runners she'd received no information on when the event starts and finishes. 

A Plymouth City Council representative soon arrives and tells her to stay parked. She claims she's disabled and holds up a few pieces of paper.

Team Great Britain sprint hurdler David King tweeted the woman's behaviour was "disgusting".