Woman fined for being injured by her own dog

Staffordshire bull terrier.
Staffordshire bull terrier. Photo credit: AAP

A British dog owner has been fined for being injured by her own dog, making her both victim and defendant in her own trial.

Irina Zureiqi was trying to break up a fight between her Staffordshire bull terrier, Jack, and another dog, Oscar, and ended up being dragged through a field.

She had been walking Jack and her other dog, Angelina, when Jack rushed forward and bit Oscar's ear.

The 45-year-old was left with cuts and bruises after clinging on to Jack's lead and being dragged along the ground.

While the incident took place in November 2016, Ms Zureiqi was convicted in a Kent court on Tuesday (local time) on the charge of being out of control of her dog.

Ms Zureiqi was then fined £770 (NZ$1480) and ordered to keep Jack muzzled, otherwise he would be put down.

Ms Zureiqi's defence lawyer Chiddy Umez said this law is in place to stop dogs biting people, and argued it's not an offence for dogs to fight each other.

"No witnesses said they saw Jack cause injury to a person.

"This is a bizarre case in that the victim is also the defendant."

The prosecution argued for her conviction saying the dog became so dangerous and out of control that it caused her injury.

Ms Zureiqi retorted that Jack didn't cause her the injuries, they were self-inflicted because she didn't let go of the lead.