Woman receives shocking texts after American Airlines fails at finding her bag

A woman trying to retrieve a lost bag after a flight was shocked when she received abusive messages that appear to be from a US airline employee.

Following a heated customer services call with American Airlines, Marla Margolis received an abusive message.

"I will put my foot up your a** you f*****g w***e," the text read, in a screenshot broadcast on US network WCVB 5.

Woman receives shocking texts after American Airlines fails at finding her bag
Photo credit: Twitter Marla Margolis

Ms Margolis admits she lost her cool with American Airlines customer services when desperately trying to retrieve a garment bag.

The response, however, upset her deeply.

"I was very, very upset by the text," she told WCVB 5. "It wasn't that I couldn't get my answer. It was insult to injury to get this offensive text message."

The bag contained her son's Bar Mitzvah suit and her daughter's dress, she told the outlet.

She had contacted the airline an hour or two after disembarking and was told to file a complaint which could take up to 48 hours to resolve.

Ms Margolis was unsatisfied.

"All I needed to do was to talk to a human being at the airport," she says.

"I didn't need to file something and find out 48 hours later if it was found."

She raised the issue with the airline who said they would investigate further.

Marla Margolis then received another offensive message

"Are you enjoying my foot up your ***?"

American Airlines attempted unsuccessfully to trace the phone number. 

Ms Margolis was not happy with the response and the New Hampshire police have since launched a further investigation into the incident.