Writer high on ketamine while serving drinks to President of Ireland

Mary McAleese, President of Ireland 1997-2011.
Mary McAleese, President of Ireland 1997-2011. Photo credit: Getty

A writer has recounted how he ended up serving drinks to the President of Ireland while he was high on ketamine.

Seamus O'Reilly says several years ago when he was 18 he didn't realise he was working so he went to a friend's house and took the drug ketamine.

Unfortunately for him after he had taken the drugs, but before the effect had kicked in, his boss called him and reminded him he had picked up extra work for that day.

"So I'm definitely sweating after the call, not like instant come-up, more worried ABOUT the come-up," he wrote.

"Never done this in my life, I've no idea how it's going to feel. But, absent any other idea, I get my stuff together and head to work."

The drugs started to kick in as Mr O'Reilly made it to work, and by the time President Mary McAleese arrived he was in the middle of a powerful "trip".

All he had to do was stand in the corner quietly and hold it together, offering the President and his boss drinks every so often.

The first time he attempted to offer drinks did not go spectacularly well. According to Mr O'Reilly he had trouble modulating his speed and initially startled the President and his boss.

Towards the end of the visit Ms McAleese spoke to Mr O'Reilly, which he says was an extremely awkward experience.

"She's a lovely woman, and very open and generous with her time, giving me ample space to answer her questions which I mostly do with sheepish, one- or two-word answers," he wrote.

"Finally, she asks me if Dublin is everything I thought it wou- Me: YES I LIKE IT I THINK IT'S GOOD

"I'd been paying such fierce attention, I'd mis-timed my reply AND badly modulated my volume. She actually recoiled a little. I think the head of the venue actually stepped back and said 'jesus!'."

After Ms McAleese left, Mr O'Reilly was forced to explain himself to his boss, but she assumed he was simply a big fan of politics.

The pair met several times over the next few years and Mr O'Reilly continued to act like he was simply star-struck by the President for his colleagues.

With roughly 19,000 retweets and 67,000 likes it's very likely they now know something was up though.