A very metal move - fan gets hypothermia trying to swim back to Slayer show

Metalhead tries to swim back to Slayer show.
Metalhead tries to swim back to Slayer show. Photo credit: Instagram - @scottianthrax

A metal fan has been treated for hypothermia after trying to swim back into a Slayer show he was booted out of.

Currently on their farewell tour, fans worldwide are desperate to get a last glimpse of thrash metal legends Slayer.

Budweiser Island in Toronto, where the band was playing, has one bridge in and out - so the fan made the bold move of swimming through the freezing cold waters of Lake Ontario - which is said to be un-swimmable even in summer - to get back in.

He was wearing a T-shirt of the support band, Anthrax. Bassist Scott Ian posted photos of the determined, but wet metalhead to his Instagram account.

Metal website PRP reported he was not at all successful, and was caught by authorities before receiving treatment for hypothermia.