Antarctica to celebrate first pride month

A rainbow flag.
A rainbow flag. Photo credit: Getty

Antarctica will be celebrating its first official pride month thanks to the work of residents at McMurdo Station.

The group of around 10 LGBT residents of the United States-operated station opened festivities a few weeks early by taking a photo outside the station with the rainbow flag on April 22, NewNowNext reports.

They would have done this during the official US pride month of June, but it is currently dark 24 hours a day in Antarctica.

Evan Townsend, a steward at the station, came up with the idea, and his workmate, Shawn Walrdon, handled most of the planning.

Mr Townsend says he was concerned about being alone before he got to the station, but quickly found his place in the LGBT community at McMurdo.

"I found a group pretty immediately," he told NewNowNext

"We had a few LGBTQ social events that people showed up to, and also, because it's such a small community, it's easy to find out who is and who isn't in the LGBTQ community."

McMurdo station's usual summer population of 1200 has shrunk significantly for winter, meaning only around 130 people will be present for pride.

That hasn't stopped the group organising festivities though, with plans for a gay bar and movie night.

Non-binary lab technician Dray is also trying to convince fellow residents to host a small pride parade around the building.

"We may be thousands of miles away from any major celebration," Mr Waldron told NewNowNext, "but we can do something."


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