Aussie mother whose baby swallowed meth gets lenient sentence

The judge took into account the mother now suffers PTSD as a result of the incident.
The judge took into account the mother now suffers PTSD as a result of the incident. Photo credit: File

The mother of a toddler who swallowed A-class drugs from a discarded pipe in their family home has avoided jail. 

Moments after a Sydney two-year-old ate his macaroni and cheese breakfast, the infant accidentally swallowed a life-threatening amount of ice from a discarded pipe in the family home.

The unresponsive child's mother told doctors he had ingested paint thinner when he arrived at hospital and began having seizures in December 2016.

But tests confirmed the boy was suffering a toxic reaction to a cocktail of drugs - including methamphetamine and GHB  and his mum's lies delayed his treatment.

The 37-year-old woman was on Tuesday spared jail time after being handed a two-year good behaviour bond at Penrith Local Court.

An apprehended violence order was also taken out against her on behalf of her son with the magistrate ordering no contact, except as approved by the Family and Community Services Minister.

When the child's condition turned critical in 2016, he was taken to Sydney Children's Hospital at Randwick and placed in an induced coma.

He's since made a full recovery and now lives with his grandmother, who was present in court on Tuesday.

Magistrate Stephen Corry found there was nothing to suggest the mother was a drug user. He said the narcotics appeared to be linked to her then boyfriend. 

The profoundly remorseful woman had no prior convictions but did have a "history of bad partners", the court heard.

She now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident, Mr Corry said.

Earlier this year, the woman pleaded guilty to recklessly failing to provide for her child causing danger or death. The offence carries a maximum five-year jail term.