Aussie restaurant's 'Ching Chong' burger causes outrage

A burger restaurant in Perth has been accused of racism over the name of one of its burgers.

Johnny's Burgers in Canning Vale has a number of quirky named burgers on the menu but the AU$12.90 'Ching Chong' burger is courting controversy.

The burger has been on the menu for more than three years. It's said to be inspired by the owner's Malaysian roots.

Concerned resident Lisa Chappell, who told the Canning Times she's an "Australian-born Chinese", has started a petition to remove the burger from menus.

"Johnny's Burger Joint serves up an extra side dish that is frowned upon by many: racism!" she wrote.

She told local media she told the owner the term 'Ching Chong' is "very offensive and derogatory to Asians and that the name wasn't appropriate to be used". 

"I find the use of this term in our current society unacceptable and place it in the same category as derogatory terms used for indigenous Australians and African-Americans."

But the owner, John Wong, allegedly said the burger name was not intended to offend, and the words were chosen because they mean "authentic" or "original".

As of Saturday, 81 people had signed the petition.

7 News / Newshub.