Australian man jailed for 41 years for brutal killing of his 9yo son

Graham Dillon in court.
Graham Dillon in court. Photo credit: Screenshot/9 News

An Australian man has been sentenced to 41 years in prison after his son died following several brutal beatings.

Graham Stuart Dillon pleaded guilty to the February 2016 murder of his nine-year-old son Bradyn, when he beat the child unconscious, 9 News reports.

It wasn't the first time Bradyn had been subjected to a beating at the hands of his father.

The court heard in the months leading up to his death the boy was punched in the stomach, burnt with cigarettes and thrown against the wall.

Such beatings were caused by perceived slights against Dillon such as lying or stealing lollies. Justice John Burns said the child's treatment would be "aptly described as torture".

Bradyn's death was due to a brain bleed caused by being struck in the head in multiple attacks.

The force of the blows left Bradyn unconscious, but rather than seeking treatment for the boy Dillon elected to stay at home.

While Bradyn lay there, Dillon Googled what to do when somebody is knocked unconscious, looked into some online shopping and accessed pornography.

An ambulance was eventually called to the Canberra home and Bradyn later died in hospital.

His father initially pleaded not guilty, but changed the plea in August 2017. Following the trial he was returned to custody and will be eligible for parole in 2048.