Australian McDonald's slammed for making customers buy food before using toilet

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A popular Queensland McDonald's has been slammed by customers for locking its toilets and only opening them after a customer has paid.

Customers have described suffering near-misses and "accidents" after being locked out of the bathrooms at the Maroochydore franchise. 

Others have complained they'd been forced to let their meals go cold so they could use the toilet, 7 News reports.

The Maroochydore eatery only allows customers toilet access after they have bought food by using a code printed on the receipt.

Australian McDonald's slammed for making customers buy food before using toilet
Photo credit: Facebook/Kim McDonald

Local mum Kim McDonald was outraged at the policy after her elderly grandmother wasn't allowed to use the toilet before ordering a meal. 

"At least 10 or so minutes would have passed where a near 90-year-old has had to hold their bladder. They are lucky they didn't need to get out the mop and buckets. And probably lucky I didn't have my kids with me too," Ms McDonald wrote in a post on Facebook.

"Why can't the doors be unlocked until a later time like 8pm or something to allow easy access to the bathrooms for kids, pregnant ladies and disabled or elderly people?" her post read. 

Another woman, Jo Anne, complained to McDonald's after her child had an "accident" because the toilets were locked. 

She said the practice was "unacceptable". 

It was not company policy to lock bathrooms, and the move was something the Maroochydore store had implemented itself, a McDonald's spokesperson told 7 News. 

The toilets were able to be opened for anyone who needed them, the spokesperson said.