Australian woman wants environmental warning on coffee cups

Australian woman wants environmental warning on coffee cups

An Australian woman wants cigarette type warnings on disposable coffee cups informing people about the impacts they have on the environment.

The petition to the Australian Minister for the Environment Josh Frydenburg, was started by Anna Warren and has over 23,500 signatures.

Coffee cups are the second largest source of landfill in Australia, and Ms Warren says Landfill's greenhouse gases are one of the major factors for climate change and global warming.

"Coffee cups which don't make it to landfill end up in our oceans, killing fragile marine life like turtles, dolphins and even whales, washing up on shore dead with stomachs full of plastic waste"

Most coffee cups aren't recyclable due to a plastic waterproof lining.

Ms Warren says warnings on cigarette packages gave worked well in reducing the rate of smoking, and says we need to do the same for our coffee cups.



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