Doctor caught on video mocking patient having anxiety attack

  • 19/06/2018

A US emergency department doctor has been suspended after she was filmed mocking a patient who claimed he was having an anxiety attack.

Contracted physician Beth Keegstra, who works at El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, Northern California, was caught arguing with 20-year-old patient Samuel Bardwell over how ill he was. 

His father Donald posted a video of the incident on Facebook saying "This is how they treat black people in Los Gatos emergency room. SMH Everyone share this video. For the record this is my son."

Dr Keegstra can be heard laughing after Samuel Bardwell tells her he can't "inhale".

"He can't inhale. Wow, he must be dead," Dr Keegstra says. "Are you dead, sir? I don't understand. You are breathing just fine."

Mr Bardwell takes medication for his anxiety attacks. His father tried to explain to Dr Keegstra his son was experiencing "laboured breathing".

"He's not laboured in the least... He has an oxygen saturation that is 100 percent. He is breathing perfectly normally. This is not laboured breathing," Dr Keegstra replies.

Following widespread criticism on social media, the hospital's chief executive Dan Woods said Dr Keegstra's demeanor was "unprofessional", and not at the standard required for those who provide care for others, The Washington Post reports. 

Dr Keegstra has been removed from the hospital's roster and has not yet chosen to comment.