Donald Trump vs Kim Jong-un: The best meeting memes

  • 11/06/2018

US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un are about to meet, which could lead to either a historic peace deal or a nuclear catastrophe. Good times.

In the past, Mr Trump and Mr Kim have traded insults - the US President usually through Twitter, and Mr Kim, through North Korea's state media outlets.

Mr Trump has called Mr Kim a "maniac", "madman" and "Rocket Man", warned of "fire and fury" and boasted about the size of his "nuclear button".

In turn, the North Koreans have called Mr Trump a "mentally deranged US dotard" and regularly threatened to strike its much larger enemy.

But before the missiles fly, let's enjoy what time's left to us to review their relationship history through the artform of the meme.

In January, tensions were high between North Korea and the US. Mr Trump bragged about the size of the button he can used to deploy nuclear weapons, tweeting he has a "bigger button" than Mr Kim.

It came in response to Mr Kim saying "a nuclear button is always on my desk" during a speech on New Year's Day. And the results were incredible.

But relations got better after Mr Trump received an extremely large envelope containing a personal letter from Mr Kim. Plans were put in place for a meeting.

The size of the envelope compared to Mr Trump's hands was fodder for online comedians. Here's the original envelope.

And here are the memes.

However the proposed meeting didn't get off to the best start. Mr Trump abruptly cancelled the summit, because of Mr Kim's "tremendous anger and open hostility".

The tweets and memes started coming in as soon as his letter to Mr Kim arrived on Twitter.

Fortunately, the pair managed to patch things up and will now meet in a historic summit, which will hopefully bring the two countries together in peace and harmony.

And according to several Korea experts, Mr Kim has celebrated by getting himself a new haircut.