England fan travels 3200km to Russia, forgets World Cup ticket

Douglas Moreton left them in a drawer at home.
Douglas Moreton left them in a drawer at home. Photo credit: Dan Howells / Twitter

An unfortunate England football fan has been left red-faced after travelling over 3000 kilometres to Russia for the World Cup - only to realise he'd forgotten his ticket.

Douglas Moreton flew all the way from Briston to watch the England vs Panama match, but made one crucial mistake. He left his ticket in a drawer back at home.

Shortly after realising his terrible error, he ran into ITV News editor Dan Howells and shared his plight. The Good Samaritan tweeted out an appeal for a spare to help Mr Moreton.

"This is Douglas. He was at our hotel in Volgograd. We've just bumped into him in Nizhny Novgorod & he's realised he's left his match tickets in the drawer at home in Bristol," Mr Howells tweeted.

"If anyone's got a spare on let me know. #EngPan."

After the appeal, sports travel firm Sport Options managed to find a ticket for Mr Moreton.

But Mr Moreton disappeared and couldn't be found, thus ruining another opportunity for himself.

England ended up dominating the match, thrashing Panama 6-1.