Father left traumatised by racist attack during school run

A father and his two children have been left traumatised after a racist rant, during which a man threatened to knife them in the face.

It happened outside an East Cannington bus stop in Perth as parents picked their children up from school last week, 7 News reports.

The alleged attacker can be seen holding up a stick and asking "Who threw this?" and "Shut your mouth before I put a knife in your face, do you understand?"

Sumail Singh was even more shocked when nobody stepped in to help.

7 News reports shocked people watched as the man allegedly yelled racist abuse from his garden in front of his children, who are aged four and six.

Mr Singh says he's grateful the bus pulled up so the situation didn't escalate, but now he's afraid to use the bus stop.

The alleged attacker's family told 7 News they want to tell his side of the story but not until court proceedings have been finalised.

Police have charged the man with threats to injure, endanger or harm a person.