Father of autistic child takes to Facebook to criticise people who judge him in public

Photo credit: Facebook/AdamPoole

A father has taken to Facebook to chastise people who are judgemental of parents dealing with autistic childrens' meltdowns in public. 

Adam Poole, of Warrington in the United Kingdom, posted a picture of the "best mum" he knows" holding a child on the ground in a public city street.  

"When you see a child having what appears to be a meltdown in public, just walk past and keep your mouth shut," Mr Poole said.

"Don't shake your head, don't stare, just get on with your day. Your shitty look on your shitty face doesn't help anyone."

The post has been shared nearly 60,000 times and received thousands of comments.

"Too many people judge and open their mouths when not necessary too," one Facebook user said. 

Some commenters even admitted to having judged parents in that past and that they would try better.

"I was once told it takes a special mother to bring up a child with autism," one woman wrote. 

"Don't judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes," another said.



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