Fire crew vacuums up ducklings in bizarre rescue

  • 03/06/2018

A fire crew in Tennessee got a surprise when they responded to a call on Friday.

The fire department in Karns said they were called out to rescue some baby ducklings. According to the department, six ducklings had fallen three metres down into a pipe.

Crews had to get inventive. They used a shop vac, covered with a net, to suck up the little animals one by one until they were all rescued.

"Just the difference of calls that we take, people who have fallen down and need help getting up," said Karns volunteer firefighter Kendall Ross.

"Sometimes the smallest stuff like that means the greatest to those who need help, and in that scenario, it happened to be ducklings."

All the ducklings were rescued safely and reunited with their mother.

It's a much better outcome than what happened at a UK McDonald's drive-thru last week, when a "heartless" woman drove right over a group of ducklings.

CBS / Newshub.