Gas station attendant shot at during armed robbery, still refuses to hand over any cash

A great-grandfather has refused to hand over cash despite being shot at in a bungled armed robbery at a Sydney service station.

Remarkable footage shows a gun being fired at a 67-year-old attendant who stood his ground.

The gunman was forced to flee from the Chester Hill service station Friday night without a cent, after Habeb Habeb barely flinched as he argued with the would-be robber.

CCTV shows the gunman was not messing around - but neither was the attendant

"He get the gun, he say 'I shoot you'. I say 'I still give you no money', he says 'I shoot you'," Mr Habeb said.

He did shoot, narrowly missing the senior citizen. The bullet was left lodged in the cigarette cabinet.

It took just 28 seconds for the bandit to give up, fumbling his weapon before bolting empty-handed.

With his face hidden and clutching a woman's handbag with one hand and a loaded pistol in the other, the man is persistent.

"He come to me say 'give me money', I tell him 'no money'. He say 'give me money', I say 'no money'," Mr Habeb recounted to 7 News.

Despite admitting he was scared, Mr Habeb said the incident has not rattled him.

Unperturbed by Friday night's events, the great-grandfather was back at work Saturday morning, serving customers with the same warm smile he's being wearing for the past 10 years.

The employee said his boss told him he should have handed over the money, but he just laughed it off.

7 News/Newshub.