Gena Turgel, Holocaust survivor and nurse to Anne Frank, dies

Holocaust survivor Gena Turgel dies.
Holocaust survivor Gena Turgel dies. Photo credit: Steve Bainbridge

Holocaust survivor and nurse to Anne Frank, Gena Turgel, has died aged 95.

Working tirelessly to share her survival story, she hoped that the true horrors of the Holocaust were never forgotten.

Ms Turgel became known as the 'Bride of Belsen' after she married one of the soldiers who liberated the camp she was in.

The youngest of nine children, she was 16 when Germany invaded her home country of Poland.

Through the time of Nazi occupation she was sent to the Plaszow labour camp, Auschwitz and then finally Bergen-Belsen.

This is where she was a nurse to Anne Frank, who was dying from typhus.

In an interview with the BBC in 2016, Ms Turgel said: "I washed her face, gave her water to drink and I can still see that face, her hair and how she looked."

In 1945 the camp was liberated and she met Norman Turgel, who she married six months later.

Anne Frank.
Anne Frank. Photo credit: Getty

Chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust Karen Pollock told BBC that she was a beautiful, elegant and poised lady.

"[She] dedicated her life to sharing her story, which was difficult to hear and difficult for her to tell."

Ms Turgel has published her journey in a book called I Light a Candle.