'Heartless' woman runs over ducklings at McDonald's drive-through

The ducklings before they were run over.
The ducklings before they were run over. Photo credit: Facebook

A child in the UK is distraught after witnessing a woman run over a group of ducklings in the McDonald's drive-through.

Vicky Smith had been filming the ducklings with her son, Saul, at the McDonald's in Skegness when the car in front of them ran straight over them, the Lincolnshire News reports.

Two of the ducklings were crushed and killed by the car.

"She placed her order and then just drove through them," Ms Smith told local media.

"We were completely gobsmacked - she did not even look back after she did it. My son was distraught.

"When we were coming back round we could see the daddy duck looking for the little ducklings. We couldn't believe anyone could be so heartless."

Ms Smith posted images of the ducklings before they were run over on social media and commented to say her son was inconsolable following the incident.

"Saul's having a breakdown 'cause we [were in the] car behind and he was watching them."

She later commented that her son had asked her to give the ducklings the kiss of life and take them to a vet to save them, but it was too late.

A spokesperson from the local RSPCA told the Lincolnshire News it had not been contacted following the incident.

McDonald's staff were notified about the incident and the dead ducklings were removed.