Hijab-wearing girl sparks security alert by carrying toy rifle around hospital

  • 09/06/2018

A teenage girl wearing a hijab has sparked a security alert at a Sydney hospital after wandering the premises carrying a toy gun.

The replica rifle appeared similar to the kind used in many US school shootings, an AR15, 7 News reports.

Police were called on the girl after she was spotted at the Prince of Wales Hospital, but by the time they had arrived she had already left.

She was later found at home and sternly spoken to.

Witnesses who were left shaken by the incident are confused as to why the girl had turned up to hospital with such a realistic looking gun in the first place.

"Although it was fake, you know, that is pretty stupid," one witness told 7 News. "Why would you walk around with a fake gun in your hand?"

"People don't know it's a toy gun, so that's terrorising innocent people," another said.

The hospital is now conducting an investigation into the incident.