Hundreds still missing following Guatemala eruption

Residents of Escuintla in Guatemala have continued to dig the areas where they suspect their loved ones were the moment floods of ash and other debris swept down the Fuego volcano into this small community.

With masks on, people worked to unearth parts of homes and other structures as they looked for answers.

The ash is almost up to the roof of some of the homes, and residents have urged President Jimmy Morales to bring heavy machinery to the areas to facilitate the recovery.

Guatemala's government suspended the search for the dead Thursday, saying wet weather and still-hot volcanic material were too dangerous for rescuers.

The bulldozers and backhoes needed to uncover the remains were concentrating Thursday on re-opening a highway blocked by a mountain of ash and boulders.

The government said at least 109 people were killed when the volcano exploded Sunday, and there are nearly 200 listed as missing.

Relatives and friends have been left in many cases to continue searching with their hands or the few tools at their disposal.

APTN / Newshub.