Inventive 10yo starts project giving coats to homeless

Between a recent spike in a homeless population and floods, this winter has been particularly tough for some people in Australia.

So thank goodness for ten-year-old Oliver Edwards and his project 'Free On A Tree'.

"Free On A Tree is a thing where we hang coats on trees and then you put a little badge that says, 'if you need it, it's yours," Oliver told The Project.

"Sometimes it is hard to ask for help so in the privacy of the park you can just go and get the coat off the tree," Oliver's mum Cathy said.

So far Oliver and his managed to distribute 50 coats but the goal is to give away 100 by the end of the month.

"I hope that they are enjoying their coats and that they'll be able to have a home," Oliver said.

For the full story watch The Project video.