Is this the perfect human body?

Alice Roberts with her 2.0 double.
Alice Roberts with her 2.0 double. Photo credit: BBC/October Films

This is apparently what the human body would look like, if we'd evolved to be "perfect".

Anatomist Alice Roberts was tasked with redesigning the human body for BBC documentary Can Science Make Me Perfect?, which aired earlier this month in the UK.

Dr Roberts, 40, teamed up with artists and biologists to make a '2.0' version of herself, swapping out less-than-perfect parts for better bits borrowed from animals.

Alice Roberts 2.0.
Alice Roberts 2.0. Photo credit: BBC/October Films

"I subjected myself to a scan knowing that the virtual 'me' would be transformed, perhaps beyond all recognition," she wrote in a blog post.

Changes included:

  • cat ears for better hearing
  • a pouch, so women don't have to push a huge baby out
  • huge eyeballs
  • ostrich-inspired legs for better stability
  • three toes instead of five
  • a bigger brain
  • bird lungs, for more efficient breathing
  • colour-changing skin, to avoid sunburn
  • a better heart
  • an airway separate to our food tube to prevent choking
  • a shorter spine, like chimps, so we can carry more
  • no breasts, 'cause who needs them?

She wasn't allowed to see the final result until it was ready.

"On reflection, I don't like the look of the birdlike legs," she said after seeing it. "But having given birth to two children, I'm a big fan of having the kangaroo's pouch."

The model took three months to make, and will be on display at the Science Museum in London until December.