Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner made $82m outside White House roles in a year

Ivanka Trump and her husband made millions of dollars in external income in a year.
Ivanka Trump and her husband made millions of dollars in external income in a year. Photo credit: Reuters

It's been revealed that Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner made more than US$82million (NZ$107million) in outside income during their first year as the President's senior advisers.

Donald Trump's decision to appoint his daughter and son-in-law as his advisers was roundly criticised as a massive conflict of interest. Those concerns have again been raised after financial disclosure forms released on Monday (local time) proved how much the couple is earning in external income.

The First Daughter made US$3.9m (NZ$5.1m) from her share in the Trump International Hotel. She also reported more than US$5m (NZ$6.5m) from her personal brand, which sells bags, shoes and jewellery.

She received US$2m (NZ$2.6m) from the Trump Payroll Corp, an entity about which little is known, and also received a US$289k (NZ$379k) advance for her book Women Who Work, although she said she would donate the book's profits to charity.

Mr Kushner made more than US$5m (NZ$6.5m) from a property in New Jersey which was acquired by his family's real estate business in 2017.

Before joining the White House, Mr Kushner resigned as CEO of real estate development business Kushner Companies, stepped down from hundreds of corporate positions and divested from some of his assets, yet still retained the vast majority of his interest in Kushner Companies.

Much was made of the couple's decision to forgo their White House salaries, which are funded by the taxpayers, when they first took on their official roles.

Multiple government watchdog groups have criticised the Trump family of using the presidency for personal profit.