Judge orders Italian couple who called their baby daughter Blu to rename it

Focus on the hands of a 3 month old baby girl holding the fingers of her father.  Vintage style color filter.
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An Italian couple have been ordered to rename their baby daughter after they named her Blu. 

The 18-month-old baby girl already has a birth certificate and a passport with her name on it, but a judge has ordered it be changed to a more traditional name, The Daily Mail reports. 

If the couple do not rename their daughter then they will have one imposed by the court.

Blu's father, Luca said her stands for "bella, luminosa, unica", which translates in English to beautiful, vibrant and unique. 

Vittoria, Blu's mother said "The very first day he told me he wanted to call his daughter Blu. 

"I chose that because Blu is the colour of the fifth chakra connected to the throat, and expressiveness, and is a symbol of harmony and balance."

The couple plan to fight the order claiming several girls across Italy are already named after other colours like Verde (Green) or Blu as well.