Life-threatening injury leaves tiny dachshund swollen to three times normal size

Trevor before and after he was deflated.
Trevor before and after he was deflated. Photo credit: Facebook/Willow Vet Group

A British dachshund has narrowly escaped death after a punctured windpipe caused him to swell significantly.

Vet Michelle Coward of Willows Vet Group believes Trevor had injured his oesophagus and air had leaked into his body, the Daily Mail reports.

"Every time he took a breath, some of the inhaled air escaped through a hole in his windpipe around the muscles and fatty tissue under the skin, and X-rays showed the emphysema was worsening," she says.

By the time he arrived at her clinic he was three times his normal size and needed an urgent operation to release the excess air.

While he was under, vets managed to find a hole in his windpipe and stitched it back together before deflating him.

His owner, Fran Jennings, says she is relieved to have Trevor back to normal size after the ordeal. Her daughter, Jessica, says Trevor looked like a "big fat seal" before the operation.

"His whole body was like a blob and you couldn't tell his face from his neck," she tells the Daily Mail.

Now Trevor is back to his normal sleek self and once again chasing the chickens at his Cheshire home.