Man urinates on Australian exchange student during London festival

Joyce Qiu took a photo of the unidentified man after the incident.
Joyce Qiu took a photo of the unidentified man after the incident. Photo credit: Facebook/ Joyce Qiu

Warning: This article contains details that may disturb some people

A man who urinated on an Australian exchange student at a London festival over the weekend has been reported police.

Joyce Qiu said the "repulsive, violating and illegal" incident happened during Lorde's set at the All Points East festival on Saturday.

She said she was jumping and dancing to Lorde in the mosh pit when "suddenly, after feeling a warm liquid start to pour over the backs of my legs, I realised that the guy behind me was peeing on me".

"This guy had his genitals out and was urinating on my legs, into my boots, onto my long fringed cardigan, and splashing his pee onto those around us," Ms Qiu said.

She said her socks became "squelchy with his urine" and the mosh pit was tightly packed with fans.

In a post on her Facebook page Ms Qiu expressed anger at the man, who has not yet been identified, and posted photographs of him.

"I am left repulsed and completely disgusted by such an act, not to mention how harassed and degraded I feel. It could have been anyone in front of him who copped this sickening behaviour and this is not okay," she said.

She is calling on police and the community to help to find the man.

"People like him need to know that you cannot just urinate on someone because you can't be bothered to get out of the moshpit, and then just get away with it. It is repulsive, violating, and illegal," she said.