North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hits the town in Singapore

In the build-up to his historic meeting with President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was spotted playing tourist in the island state of Singapore.

Clearly not one to stay elusive the 34-year-old could be seen arriving at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands hotel at around 10pm, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Waving and smiling at crowds he took an elevator to the top where he was spotted taking in the iconic and breathtaking views of the city. 

He later explored the city's waterfront on foot and was seen crossing the Jubilee Bridge with a delegation of around 50. 

Mr Jong-un was also seen posing for a selfie with Singapore's foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan at tourist hotspot Gardens by the Bay.

The Sydney Morning Herald has speculated that the evening tour may have been an attempt to show Mr Jong-un the economic benefits that could occur if he agrees to give up his nuclear arsenal. 

Mr Jong-un and President Trump will meet in a few hours in a gathering that's seen 2000 international media arrive in Singapore. 

Newshub presenter Tom McCrae joined the AM Show this morning from Singapore to discuss what we can expect. 

"We understand they will meet one-on-one only with their respective translators for at least 45 minutes," he told host Duncan Garner.

"From there, all their advisors, all the senior diplomats come into the room and the discussions will widen - if they get to that point."

The North Koreans are expected to ask for security guarantees, including a pledge that the US and South Korea will not invade, and also ask for economic aid.

And senior US officials say at a minimum they would like the summit to serve as a start of a dialogue with North Korea.

However once in the room, anything could happen - and anything could go wrong.

"What happens from there is really up to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un," McRae says

"These two leaders are pretty unpredictable."

This is the furthest Mr Kim has gone from North Korea since he took power - and will be the first time leaders of North Korea and the United States have met. Both Mr Trump and Mr Kim are known for their posturing, and are expected to attempt to show dominance in their meeting - leading to some careful planning.