Rohingya people face health crisis inside refugee camps

  • 22/06/2018

The Rohingya people who were forced from their homes by the Myanmar Army are now facing harsh conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

The lack of medical care is at crisis level, where there is just one 24-hour emergency clinic to service 1 million desperate and frightened people.

Monsoon rains are flooding camps, destroying flimsy homes made from bamboo and plastic.

A number of refugees have already died due to mudslides caused by the violent weather.

It's causing a health crisis. Thousands of people are sharing toilets and water facilities, leading to disease outbreaks in the camps.

Aid agency workers have described the current situation as an "emergency inside an emergency".

And there are fears the situation will only get worse. The monsoon season is expected to peak in July, and it could dump another three metres of water on the Rohingya in the coming months.