School in the UK bans boys from wearing shorts, tells them to wear skirts

A school in the UK tells boys to wear skirts.
A school in the UK tells boys to wear skirts. Photo credit: Getty

A school in the UK has told boys they can wear skirts if they find wearing trousers to hot in the summer, hoping it will enforce a more formal uniform policy.

Chiltern Edge Secondary School in Oxfordshire stipulated in their new uniform policy that the only leg wear allowed would be trousers, and the only other option would be skirts - and that goes for both boys and girls.

Parent Alastair Vince-Porteous asked if his son could instead wear tailored shorts, and was told no under the new 'gender-neutral' policy, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Vince-Porteous told the paper he just wanted his child to wear tailored shorts for two months of the year and that "it's not a big deal".

Another parent complained that it was mean to make kids wear blazers and ties in the summer.

The change in policy comes as temperatures are set to rise over the summertime.