Sick British MP wheeled into parliament in pyjamas to vote on Brexit

Sick British MP wheeled into parliament in pyjamas to vote on Brexit
Photo credit: Facebook Naz Shah

A British Labour MP has accused Tory whips of stripping her of her dignity, after she was forced to attend parliament ill in order to vote on Brexit.

According to The Guardian, MP for Bradford West Naz Shah had to discharge herself from hospital to attend parliament after Labour whips asked her to make the four-hour journey to vote on an amendment to a bill that was going to close.

The whips refused Ms Shah's request to be paired with a Tory MP to cancel out each other's vote; a process that allows MPs to be absent from parliament when they have a good reason.

Ms Shah has been on hospital for around a week with severe pain from a hit-and-run collision several years ago.

According to The Guardian, she was told she could make the vote from her car rather than going into the chamber - but when she got there, not only did she have to go inside to vote, but also attend the three-hour debate.

She was wheeled into parliament carrying a sick bucket while dosed up on morphine in her pyjamas.

"I was in my pyjamas. It felt personally very undignified and very invasive. It was embarrassing," she told The Guardian.

"I thought I'd just be able to stay in the back of the car, where I'd made a bed for myself, and be counted there - but the Tories wouldn't have it. By making me go in to vote like that, they stripped me of my dignity."

Ms Shah says she was being sick right before attending the debate, and described the experience as being "really inhumane".

"We make the laws on equality and yet we don't apply them to our own house."

Ms Shah's government ended up winning the vote on the amendment on the bill.