Sydney truckie leaves trail of destruction

A Sydney truck driver has been arrested after leaving a trail of destruction during a police chase.

The man was being chased along a main highway in Burwood in Sydney's inner-west on Sunday afternoon when he crashed into a row of parked cars.

Video footage shows the driver then accelerating up to the main intersection, where police say they briefly stopped the driver before he sped off again.

The pursuit continued through a number of suburbs until it was called off amid safety fears, at which point a police helicopter continued to track the truck.

The truck finally stopped in Lidcombe, where the 27-year-old driver was arrested and taken to hospital for mandatory testing.

The driver was then taken to Burwood Police Station and faces numerous charges including police pursuit - not stop, driving while intoxicated (second offence), five counts of not stopping and exchanging particulars, and two counts of not exchanging details with owner of damaged property.

7 News / Newshub.