Teen steps out of Canada into US, gets detained for two weeks

United States/Canada border.
United States/Canada border. Photo credit: Google Maps

A French teenager was detained for two weeks after she accidently stepped into the US from Canada. 

Cedella Roman, 19, was with her mother and sister at a beach in White Rock, British Columbia in late May when she decided to go off for a jog, Global News reports. 

With no signs around her to warn her about crossing the border into the US, Ms Roman accidently ran over the southern border. The only sign nearby was close to some railroad tracks, Global News says. 

The teenager was spotted by US border officials, who detained her after she was seen taking pictures. 

Ms Roman was reportedly allowed to call her mother to inform her that she would be detained for two weeks for breaking the law. 

"The thing is that anybody can cross the border very quickly," the mother told Global News. 

"It's like a trap because if we don't see a sign, you can cross the border very easily."

A spokesperson for US Customs and Border Protection said it's the "responsibility of an individual travelling in the vicinity of an international border to maintain awareness of their surroundings and their location at all times" to avoid breaking the law. 

The United States is facing controversy regarding its border policies. US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order to stop children from being separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border - a policy that had begun in April. 

Nearly 2500 children were taken from their parents and held in detention centres.