The death of the meme could be upon us

  • 10/06/2018
Memes' like 'the love triangle' could be banned.
Memes' like 'the love triangle' could be banned. Photo credit: imgflip

A proposed change to European Union copyright law could see memes banned entirely.

If 'Article 13' is added to the copyright law, it would stipulate that internet platforms would be responsible for filtering user-generated content including text, photos and video.

The Daily Mail reported the addition also states that all platforms should "take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rights-holders for the use of their works".

Britney Spears meme.
Britney Spears meme.

At the moment, people can share self-generated content and memes without the permission of the copyright-holder.

A European Commission spokesperson told Sky News the idea behind the addition would be that people should be able to generate income from their creative ideas.

A kiwi flag referendum meme.
A kiwi flag referendum meme. Photo credit: Facebook.

Advocates against the proposed addition of Article 13 are warning people that the new law should be taken seriously and if implemented would have a massive impact on freedom of speech.

Currently, 56 different organisations have sent letters to law makers to stop the proposed article from being added.