The ominous island where Trump will meet Kim

The Island of Death From Behind is the original Malay name for Sentosa Island.

That's where US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will make history when they meet on Tuesday (local time).

So, could the grim name be an omen for what's to come?

The island is home to luxury resorts, man-made white sandy beaches, amusement parks and world-class golf courses. It's bright, it's bold, it's over the top - apt for two world leaders who enjoy putting on a show and lapping up global attention.

The United States and North Korea are still officially at war, so the first meeting between the leaders of the two countries really is remarkable. The fact that it happened relatively quickly - a matter of months and not years - is a testament to the two men, who have clearly pushed their diplomats for this to happen.

But how it will unfold is anyone's guess, with international relations experts divided about who holds the upper hand.

Mr Trump wants North Korea to hand over all its nuclear material, while Mr Kim wants tough sanctions lifted to allow the country to trade more openly. No one knows if this is possible, let alone likely.

Mr Trump said he will be able to tell in a matter of seconds when he meets Mr Kim if he can make a deal. If not, things could spiral like they did in 2017, when nuclear annihilation was threatened by both sides.

Will one man stab the other in the back on the Island of Death from Behind?

Hopefully talks will instead resemble Sentosa's new name, The Island of Peace and Tranquility.