TV reporter kissed, has breast groped during live broadcast

The moment a man groped and kissed a TV reporter during a live cross has been condemned as sexist and disrespectful.

Julieth Gonzalez Theran was in Saransk, Russia reporting on the World Cup for German TV new channel Deutsche Welle last week.

As she addressed the camera during a live broadcast, a man lurched into frame, grabbed the reporter's breast and forcefully kissed her on the cheek. He then quickly fled the scene.

She remained professional during the assault, keeping her composure as she continued to speak.

Deutsche Welle later posted the footage of her attack to Instagram, along with the caption: "It is not a kiss, it is a non-consensual attack."

Ms Theran also posted the video to her own account.

Commenters were quick to condemn the man's actions while simultaneously praising Ms Theran's professionalism.

"You do a great job, and you handled the reckless one very well," one person wrote.

"All professional, my respects for her," another said.

"It's not easy, these kind of fanatical occurrences."

It's not uncommon for female reporters to be made the targets of unwanted and humiliating attention from men during live broadcasts.

In April, a Mexican journalist was surrounded by male football fans and repeatedly groped while she reported from a match.