'U ok sexy?': England priest's hilarious response to flirty text

A Syriac Orthodox cleric using a smart phone as he leads a religious procession in Jerusalem Israel
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A priest from England had the perfect response after he became the unwilling participant in a steamy sexting session.

Father Simon Rundell from Plymouth, Devon, received a message on Saturday asking if he'd be at work on Sunday.

While it's a fitting question for a priest, one adjective gave away the fact it probably wasn't meant for him.

"U ok sexy? Are u in work tomorrow? x," the message read.

Father Rundell was quick to fire back.

"Yes, I'm saying mass at 9:30 & 11:15, but I'm guessing you didn't intend to text a priest on this one. Fr. Simon."

He posted the exchange to Twitter on Saturday where it was an instant hit, getting more than 4000 likes within two days.

"I get the *best* wrong number texts..." he wrote beside the post. His followers agreed.

"Brilliant," one responded.

"Apologies," one user joked. "I will check numbers more carefully in future ;)"

It is not known whether the probably embarrassed churchgoer turned up to the service.