Uber plans flying car trials in Australia

Uber claims to be a step closer to a 'flying car' service, and it's looking at Sydney or Melbourne to test its prototype.

Executives are meeting government and aviation authorities to discuss launching UberAIR within five years.

Uber's plan involves using electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, which will take off from helipad-like stations placed on top of tall buildings around the city.

If the plan works out, passengers would be able to take short, cheap flights as soon as 2023. Uber says that by using its aircraft, a two-hour car trip in Sydney would be cut down to just a 20-minute jouney.

 "Every day, millions of hours are wasted on the road worldwide," a Uber spokesman said in its mission statement for UberAIR.

"In Sydney, residents spend seven whole working weeks each year commuting, two of which are wasted unproductively stuck in gridlock.

"On-demand aviation has the potential to radically improve urban mobility, giving people back time lost in their daily commutes. Uber is close to the commute pain that citizens in cities around the world feel."