Undetected asteroid hits Russia

Undetected asteroid hits Russia
Photo credit: Youtube / Apostol875

A small asteroid has hit Russia after going undetected by planetary defence networks.

On Thursday (local time), a fireball tore through the sky and exploded with a force of three kilotons, the most powerful collision this year.

It was spotted by witnesses from Russian cities including Lipetsk, to the south-east of Moscow.

Luckily the asteroid was only four meters wide, so there wasn't too much damage.

However, the scary thing is that a planetary defence network failed to detect the asteroid until it hit.

The impact was first picked up by US government sensors designed to sense nuclear explosions.

"The event has been reported by witnesses from the cities of Kursk, Lipetsk, Voronzeh and Orel. Many of them reported a loud sonic boom," wrote the International Meteor Organisation.

Nasa does not believe any asteroids are currently heading towards the planet