Video: Cyclist shoved into ditch by passing car passenger

The moment a passenger in a car pushed a cyclist into a ditch has been caught on camera.

In a video posted to 'Idiot UK Drivers Exposed', a Facebook page where people share various mishaps on the roads, a man can be seen riding a bike along the outermost edge of a road somewhere in the UK.

Wearing a blue helmet but no other protective gear, the cyclist seems to be focused on the road ahead - until a random act of violence from a passing motorist.

The person filming, who seems to be a passenger in the back seat of a car, captured the moment a man in the front seat reaches out and forcefully shoves the cyclist off the road.

The man loses control of his bike and wheels into a ditch covered in bushes. He can be seen catapulting headfirst over his handlebars before he goes out of frame.

Given it's summer in the northern hemisphere, that ditch was probably full of stinging nettles.

The occupants of the car can be heard laughing after the cyclist falls. It is not known if the car stopped to check on the cyclist.

Facebook commenters were mostly horrified by the video.

"Do people not realise the seriousness?" one wrote. "This cyclist may have died or had life changing injuries - this is attempted manslaughter/murder."

"What utter pricks," another said. "Yes, there are some cyclists who act entitled but to do this to one - he could have been seriously injured or even killed."

However some people were amused by the dangerous act.

"Admit it, everyone has thought about doing this at some point," one person wrote. "I know I have. Anyway, what a great way of testing out his safety gear."